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Less Cool Places in Frankfurt

This list reflects places which are out of the main interest of The Thing, we nevertheless think as important to be included for a survey of cultural life in Frankfurt.

We will fade this page out. Since we cannot bother with uncool places. Instead we will add some RSS feeds from other pages. See Bars


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The whole street south of the tip of the Museum of Modern Art is now full of galleries. You cant miss them.
Fahrgasse, 60311 Frankfurt | various, Tuesday - Saturday

L.A. Galerie - Lothar Albrecht

Contemporary photography
Domstr. 6, 60311 FFM, 069/28 86 87 | Di.-Fr. 12-19, Sa. 11-16

Galerie Monika Reitz

Does this one still exist? I dont know. Young artists with emphasis on photography
Domstr. 2, 60311 FFM, 069/20208 | Di.-Fr. 13-18, Sa. 11-14

Galerie Grässlin

Oldschool style: Oehlen, Büttner, Foerg & Co.
Schäfergasse 46 B, 60313 Frankfurt, 069-299 246 70 | Di.-Fr. 10-18, Sa. 10-14

Galerie Martina Detterer

The best mix of contemporary painting and installations.
Hanauer Landstr. 20-22, 60314 FFM-Ostend, 069-491 613 | Di.-Fr. 13-18.30, Sa. 11-14

Galerie Voges & Partner

Another relocation. From Nordend backyard via Hanauer Landstr. to inner city.
Schweizer Strasse 9, 60594 FFM, 069/55 74 54 | open by request

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Stereo Bar

Already a longtime runner. Since 1996. But somewhat reconstructed and refurbished: Stereo Bar. A deep cellar with a stylish 70s interieur. This is the place to be for people who want to avoid "Sachsenhausen" but be still near it. 
Abtsgaesschen 7, Sachsenhausen. Very narrow street. Find Wallstr. and within a pub called "Fichtekraenzi" (yellow sign), beside that, there is the street.  | Tuesday to Sunday, 21 PM - 2 AM

O25 Club

All sort of music. Concerts possible, too.
Ostparkstr. 25, FFM-Ostend; not far from Ex-Ostklub (now Vinylbar) | Thurs. - Sat., from 22:00 (?)


After Omen the new home of Sven Väth & Co. for a while. Sven Väth has now opened his own house, Cocoon. Best in Techno and other. Otherwise very mainstream place. High prices.
Roßmarkt; center of town, near Hauptwache | Thurs. - Sat., from 22:00 (?)

Robert Johnson

Very stylish and somewhat expensive place. But the team around Ata will garuantee for the hottest in House. Big names can be expected. 
Nordring 131, Offenbach, near Kaiserlei Kreisel | Thurs. till Sat. (or Sun.) from 21:00

Tanzhaus West

Former Space Place. Big industrial space, a little bit out of downtown in the west. Changing DJs and live bands. Music programm very mixed. Certainly one of the rougher places.
Gutleutstr. 294, Frankfurt Westhafen  | Fridays + Saturdays from 22:00 PM

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This was the first stylish bar in Frankfurt. It was not only the interior but the concept. A bar on its own. And not attached to a hotel or a club. In the early 90s there was hardly an alternative to Bar Oppenheimer.
Oppenheimer Str. 41, FFM-Sachsenhausen, T. 62 66 74 | sun.-thurs. 8pm-1am, fri.-sat. 8pm-2am

Orion Bar

Oppenheimer Str. 41, FFM-Sachsenhausen | 20PM- 1/2 PM


Schaumainkai 17/Eiserner Steg, FFM-Sachsenhausen | 18PM- 2/3 PM

Havanna Bar

Schwanenstr. 2, FFM-Ostend | 18PM- 2/3 PM

IMA Multibar

IMA - that is originality, exclusivity - and Coming home. Welcomely. Feel family. Watch'out for the absolutely bottle collection!
Kl. Bockenheimer Str. 14 60313 Frankfurt - CITY | mon-wed. 11am - 9.30pm, thurs-sat 11am - 1.30am

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Deo records

New in town. A small selection of disco and house vinyls from local labels. Plus a broad range of arty and fashion magazines.
Bethmannstrasse 15, 60311 Frankfurt am Main | Mo-Fr 13-20h, Sa 12-18h

Pro Vinyl

Website gives no hint about the focus of the shop. Haven't been inside yet. Try it. It's not far from Freebase.
Elefantengasse 19, 60313 Frankfurt am Main | mo - fr 12.00 - 20.00, sa 12.00 - 18.00

Sick Wreckords

Independant, guitar underground, trash, metal, speed......
Schulstraße 1, FFM-Sachsenhausen | Tu.-Fr. 2-7 pm, Sat 11-4 pm, monday closed


The best for Techno, Minimal, House, Elektro, Ambient, 2Step + stylish clothes!
Töngesgasse 38, FFM-City | Montag - Freitag 11-19 Uhr, Samstag 10-16 Uhr

Freebase Records

Good selection on Electro, HipHop & Drum'n Bass. Sometime steep prices.
Peterstr. 2, FFM-City | Mo.-Sat. from 12AM

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Club Schaubar

It disappeared....
End summary: As far as I know Schaubar emerged from a background of parties held in the Osthafen in around 1996-1997. There were some events of the same name. The place in Bornheim, legal, was openend in spring 2000. End date unknown.

Former description: A place which has opened already in spring 2000. Shame on me, but I haven't been there since. But might be worth checking out.
Saalburgstr. 61, FFM-Bornheim, Tu.-Sun. from 8pm, T. 069-956 34 669 |

Artspace Fahrradhalle

The first the last off-space for ever.
End summary: Fahrradhalle was a revolution for the artist run spaces in the area.

Former description: The first circle of hell in Offenbach, the Brooklyn of Frankfurt. Now there are two new projects: >Studio™< and >Club Moschee< .
Luisenstr. 51, 63067 Offenbach., T. 069-88 78 78 |


Two years the best!
End summary: GOTO was our darling for two years. We cry because it's gone now.

Former description: This is a theme-bar focusing on Japanese topics like manga, anime, films and other tidbits of contemporary Japanese culture. Also DJs from over there
Weserstr.14, 60329 Frankfurt | Thurs.+Fri., from 22:00

Artspace Fruchtig A-Hoy

Time of operation: 01. Aug. 2003 till 31. Jan. 2004
End summary: A very short intermezzo. Annette was thrown out by the owners, this Kanu Verein, be cause they probably disliked her concept of bringing artists and concerts into the venue. Very sad.

Former description: Annette Gloser's (Ex-Fruchtig, Lobo Texas) new place. Sort of community space, art venue and concert hall. Vast Old-German style interior. For friends and lovers..
Kanuverein, Schaumainkai 90, 60594 Frankfurt, | Wed. - Sun., 16-24:00

Artspace Galerie Fruchtig Kaiserstrasse

12/99 - 12/2000 Galerie Fruchtig is homeless again!!!
End summary: The second home of Galerie Fruchtig after its great location at Ostbahnhof. Temporary only because Annette Gloser got troubles with the restaurant tennant from the ground floor. The 3d floor was also home to the legendary Lissania club in the beginning of the 90s.

Former description:
Kaiserstr. 74, 4th floor. just opposite the main station. Check daily press for events. | Open normally Thurs. - Fri. from 7:30pm till 11pm. Special program possible all the time

Artspace Phantombüro

Closed in Jan. 2000 after seven months of operation.
End summary: We all hope that they're going to find a new place. At the moment they use an old bus as a vehicle. Check website for news.

Former description:

Club Ostclub

Closed in May 2000 after Hans Romanov left for Paris.
End summary: Reopened as "Soho", then "Vinylbar". An introduction into the commercialised Hanauer Landstraße club scene

Former description:
Hanauer Landstr. 99, near Honsellbrücke, 60314 FFM (east harbor, streetcar 11 till "Ostbahnhof") |

Club Der kleine Salon

12/98 - 03/01 this place served as a central meeting point.
End summary: Tuesdays were marked with "Kleiner Salon", cause everybody in the Nordend was up to go there. Could become very crowded.

Former description: Geheimtip! Small. Living room atmosphere. Very cosy! From the owner of Rote Bar and friends. A very feel good place.
Eckenheimer Landstr. 20, Frankfurt Nordend  | Tuesdays and Thursdays from 22:00 PM

Bar FrankfurterSchule (KFU)

Not really bad
End summary: Space pLace is no more. As the same people did KFU, this one was closed, too.

Former description: By the same people who did Space Place. Now a somewhat quiter environment. Former piano bar with a definite 80s interior. Nevertheless the always changing DJs, often not so well known, guarantee for the most experimental style in town.
Fichardstr. 62 | tuesday to saturday from 21:00 PM

Galerie Kunstadapter

There was an end.
End summary: Established in Wiesbaden. Moved to Frankfurt in 2001. But apparently didn't succeed with its emphasis on photography. One of the partners opened Galerie Greulich in about 2004.

Former description: Young photography. Maybe out of operation.
Paul-Ehrlich-Strasse 24, 60596Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, 0179-1186947 | Di.-Fr. 14-19

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