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A Policy of Names

The first approach to artworld names is the following LIST( ) of examples of lists with names. More of them will follow. With this I consider it of importance how my phenomenon of investigation is actually displayed, why this is my first attempt, others may follow.

My Name


Kulturzone - Schirn Frankfurt

Sachiko Abe Performance-Künstlerin, Tokio Prof. Dr. Volker Albus Architekt und Designer, Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe Adé Bantu Musiker und Aktivist, Lagos/Köln Dr. Christina Bartz Medienwissenschaftlerin, Universität zu Köln Dr. Christoph Bieber Politikwissenschaftler, more...

Nr. 113 From about 12.07. 2006. Added by Stefan Beck on 12.07. 2006. Source: www.kulturzone.com/index.php?do=speaker_list&lang=de

Translation/Seduction/Displacement - a group show of artists from Southern Afric - White Box 601 West 26th Street Floor 14 New York

Translation/Seduction/Displacement - a group show of artists from Southern Africa, curated by art historians and curators Works by: Santu Mofokeng, Willem Boshoff, Siemon Allen, Gordon Bleach, Abrie Fourie, Kim Lieberman, Senzeni Marasela, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Rudzani Nemasetoni, Joachim more...

Nr. 37 From about 02.12. 1999. Added by Stefan Beck on 17.09. 2002. Source: www.e-flux.com

WORDS OF WIDSOM: A Curator’s Vade Mecum - Published by ICI/Independent Curators International

An invaluable guidebook for anyone interested in contemporary art and the practice of curating. Among the 60 original contributors are: Jean Christophe Ammann, Carlos Basualdo, René Block, Francesco Bonami, Dan Cameron, Lynne Cooke, Bice Curiger, Donna De Salvo, Richard Flood, Thelma Golden, more...

Nr. 60 From about 27.06. 2001. Added by Stefan Beck on 18.09. 2002. Source: http://www.e-flux.com / http://www.artbook.com/wordsofwisdom.html

Familie Montez - My Generation - Gruppe 5 - Frankfurt

Hans Petri, Tamara Grcic, Britta Lumer, Micki Tschur, Frank Biesendorfer, Stefan Beck, Peter Bux, Christoph Blum, Anke Röhrscheid, Anne Kaminsky, Kerstin Krone-Bayer Günter Zehetner, Caroline Krause, Andreas Schlaegel Ralf Schmitt, Christine Molis, Thomas Nolden, Inkritt Störkel Matthias Deutsch, more...

Nr. 129 From about 23.01. 2009. Added by Stefan Beck on 20.01. 2009. Source: www.myspace.com/familiemontez

Neupräsentation - Kunsthalle Mannheim

Heike Pietschmann Jennifer Jordan Angelika Zeller Die Sache Peter Rose Hiroe Komai Barbara Uetrecht Diethard Blaudszun NO Institute Rainer Braxmaier Brian Catling Ilse Teipelke Otto Jaegersberg Tino Panse Helmut Dietz Stefan Rohrer Rudolf Reiber Hannes Jung more...

Nr. 81 From about 29.03. 2003. Added by Stefan Beck on 31.03. 2003. Source: http://www.kunsthalle-mannheim.de/


What Name Policy means

This is a first attempt of an investigation of names and name-lists within the art(world)-kontext by means of COLLECTIONs( ).

For all those in this kontext the existence of proliferations of names (NAMEs( )) and lists (LISTs( )) seems to be fundamental to the way this business works.

At first glance there are two different ways of adressing the public, by publishing a general title of an event ('German Romantic Painters' or just 'The Sea' or 'Africa'), or by demonstrating a single name or a list of names.

The single name normally asks for no other justification but the place of the event ('Julian Schnabel', 'Mary Boone') where the list of names very often underlines the general direction of a certain place or nature of an event.

Quite often there are events which would make no sense without a definite list of names, and the list is more important than the event, DOCUMENTA is a good example of this.

It is certainly no too much to state that the way certain names are combined and put together on lists reflects the power of the person or institution which was able to force that particular list in the public. In addition, the very existence of that list justifies the way that institution works.

Plus, in the way names on a list are differentiated (stated as discreet differences) it always creates a double separation, to those, who are not on the list, and among themselves as entries of different weight (which is the most common phenomenon:'If he/she is in the show/list I'm not going to participate!')


More names


 Power Series started 1999

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