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Frankfurt Art
Frankfurt Seiten - was wirklich wichtig ist in Kunst, Kultur und sonst in der Stadt

What's up in Frankfurt?

Basic information anyone could need about Frankfurt.

30 events from Thing Frankfurt Blog Entlang der Mainzer - Vernissage  Entlang der Mainzer - Lebenslinien  Leonhardi Kulturprojekte The Rotting Husk  atelierfrankfurt - Ausstellungsblock 3.2012  AcousMain - Gli Italiani  Kaiserpassage - Musik  Straßenfest Koblenzer Strasse 2012  Eulengasse - Baggage Claim  Bahnhofsviertelnacht 2012  Klirrbar im Waggon 2012.8  das Seminar 2012.8 - Radio X  Basis - Südliches Ackerland  Phonophon - US AT und D  Klirrbar im Waggon 2012.7  2. Fritz Wanderung 2012  das Seminar 2012.7 - Radio X  lampione - er selbst  Möglichkeiten der Aneignung - Film  Kulturcampus Bockenheim - Sommerfest 2012  Freitagsküche 2012 - Zanderfilet  Römer9 - Zelten und Campieren  GEDOK Frankfurt Rhein Main - Startwoche  Freitagsküche 2012 - Quiches  IVI Tagung Kunst – Erkenntnis – Problem  Phonophon - CIRCUITNOISE etc  Freitagsküche 2012 - in der Schirn  lampione - et al crew  Familie Montez - Ende gut alles gut - Finissage  das Seminar 2012.6 - Radio X  Klirrbar im Waggon 2012.2 

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City Space Environment

Kiosk Grüneburgweg. Destoyed.

Frankfurt Kunst

aaartists and self-organised projects


  • multi.trudi

    Artspace by continuous improvement. Managed by Stefan Beck.
  • Finger

    Newsletter by ex. Ausstellungsraum (Schmidl & Haas). Regular publication on cultural phenomenons related to art.
  • Ideoblast

    Art project by Christoph Blum.
    Active with rraum and on his own.
  • Fritz Deutschland

    One of the oldest artist groups in town.
  • Station Rose

    Most wanted cyber-nerds of Frankfurt, living now in a residence with a spectacular view over the skyline of Frankfurt. I guess, they never sleep. They're now on the very edge of webcasting from their studio. Congratulation! (their old adress at well.com)
  • Arosa 2000
    Arosa is now Saas Fee (you'll notice they stick to skiing resorts...) The younger brother and sister of Station Rose(but actually they are more people) but you will at once notice that they come from a design background, Offenbachs Institute for applied Arts (HfG), all of their products are embedded in a stunning 70s design. I recommend not only their web-site but their well-done CD-ROM. (old address)
  • Selektion

    One of the top labels for noise and other experimental electronic music. A real highlight in Frankfurt.
  • Museum of Missing Links - Webseite von Verena Kuni
    Archiv von Links, die auf nicht mehr existierende Webseiten verweisen. Wer hat sie gesehen?
  • Liga6000
    An excellent site on Frankfurt topics from music, party, art and local politics.
  • Marioland
    Tricky and sophisticated site by artist Mario Hergueta. Be careful.
  • Nitribitt
    A salon, a regular discussion group on "Frankfurt economies". Music, Party, Politics.
  • Land's End
    New group by the same (old) people. Concerts, events, gatherings in the Offenbach harbour since beginning of 2005.
  • Consume Bar
    An old-school classic. In the beginning of the 90s there was consume bar and nearly nothing more.


  • Fahrradhalle Offenbach
    Another offspring of Offenbachs Institute for applied Arts, a self-organzied exhibition-hall, which features various events from art-shows to house-parties.  From time to time they have an ambient bar every Sunday afternoon. Check this out!
  • Phantombüro
    Group project by, among others, Dirk Paschke, who invested in the off-scene more than anyone else with projects like: Muttertag, Gartners, Hafenbar and Hafenbad.
  • Korrekt Net
    Collection of different projects in the vicinity of long-time artist W E Baumann.
    You'll find Galerie Fruchtig, and others.
  • Gegen@nfang!
    A remarkable web-site by Frankfurt poet Sven Stillich (s.a. Text Department) on litterature in the Internet. Most of it is German.
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Minor art

(museums and institutions)

Ist nicht wirklich unser Ding. Wir beschäftigen uns mit Kulturpolitik (Cultural Politics) oder Warum das Museum keinen Sinn mehr macht.

Frankfurter Kunstverein One of the oldest art-institutions (f.1829) in Frankfurt. Director Nicolaus Schafhausen is gone, what will happen now? Museum for modern art
Stronghold of international main courses mixed with local vegetables. Portikus 10 shows a year of contemporaries in "the box". Städel Museum Oldschool style. From the Middel Ages to Expressionism. Städelschule The school of fine art. Check for lectures and events. Museum for applied art From furniture, design, east asia, ceramics to book art. Film museum Permanent collection + library + cinema. Museum for architecture Permanent collection + changing shows. Schirn Kunsthalle Exhibition hall Schirn's website. Museum for communication Hosted by Deutsche Telekom. Radio, TV, Wireless com.


Design Projects in Frankfurt

Digital Craft The former Museum of Applied Arts collection of websites and computergames. Is now a project on its own. Meso Not merely an office, but a whole movement! Surface Background as prestigious flyer-designer helps Markus Weisbeck to land projects on the digital edge.


Frankfurt Sites for all needs



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