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Japan & Tokyo Links

Here are some addresses compiled as a result from eight journeys to Japan.
It's quite a number, and more are coming, so I've decided to give it its own page.

Fresh Japan Links

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General Information Japan

Tokyo general information

  • Captain Japan
    A diary featuring personal insights into Toyko life.
  • Mid-Tokyo Maps
    A really delicate site exploring the central wards of Tokyo. Wonderful maps included.
  • Realtokyo
    This webzine comes to no surprise. Nearly complete.
  • Metropolis
    Distributed as a free print version here's the online survey.
  • Timeout Tokyo
    The Toyko Branch of the well-known London magazine
  • Pandemic Tokyo
    The "basics" from "Planet Tokyo": eat, sleep, see!
  • Nokia Japan Tokyo Page
    Under the label "TokyoQ" a very comprehensive guide to nearly everything.
  • Tokyo Subways
    8 lines, 177 km, 2500 cars, 5.6 mio passengers a day!
  • Tokyo Leisure Page
    Very useful informations about going out in Tokyo. Restaurants, Pubs, Record-Stores. See also Tokyo Food Page
  • Paperlantern
    Some useful hints on accomodation, sightseeing, internet access and others
  • ...
  • Tokyo Toilet Map
    Some hints on a very delicate subject. Prefer clean or dirty?
  • Tokyo Sento Map
    If you got dirty you might want to take a bath? But where and how? ("Sento" is public bath)
  • Tokyo Sento Organisation
    Public baths in Tokyo
  • Tokyo Damage Report
    For everything which went wrong...
  • Outrageous Tokyo
    This link seems to be outdated, though featured on a lot of websites. It was a gay magazine with good survey on clubs and bars. Maybe it appears again?!
  • Tokyo Pink Guide
    Looking for a blowjob in Harajuku? This site may help. Adults only!!
    80s style cultural center, in Aoyama
  • Superfuture Tokyo Map
    Your guide to the hot shopping districts, like Aoyama...
  • Made in Tokyo
    Foto blog by Frederic Gautron (in French)
  • Tokyo Art Beat
    Events and news from the official arts
  • ...

Tokyo alternative art

Tokyo big art

Tokyo and Japan weblogs

Tokyo music, nightlife, clubscene

Multimedia, Design

Media + Internet

Music, Sounds, Noise


  • esake
    Sake delivery service, for Japan only. But good information on sake.
  • Sake World
    Magazine edited by sake fetishist John Gauntner.
  • Simply Sake
    All about Sake
  • ...

Sento & Onsen



Japan in Frankfurt & Germany


Here's what our users proposed for "Japan":

Du kannst interessante Links zum Thema Japan beisteuern. Lege einen Link bei del.icio.us an, und gebe ihm das Tag "thingffm-japan". Nach etwa 10min wird Dein Link dann hier dargestellt.

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  • http://www.animechecklist.netby Giuseppe Albanese, added on 06. December 2003
    A complete check-list of Japanese animated figures (anime) produced in Japan since 1917. The objective is to provide a complete census of all existing anime with charts analyzing trends in the anime industry.
  • http://www.japandate.net/by kenji Takeda, added on 07. February 2006
    Japandate.net is an easy, fun and safe way to meet lots of Japanese people. Join for free and find a friend, a date or romance. Just make the first step...
  • http://www.japan-geschenke.deby Yumeya, added on 06. March 2006
    Guten Tag, bei uns finden Sie Personalisierte Geschenke der japanischen Art und schöne Ideen mit japanischen Kalligraphien für alle Japanfreunde. Wir laden Sie zu einem Besuch auf www.japan-geschenke.de ein. Gefällt es Ihnen unser Shop Yumeya? Dann hätten wir Sie gerne gebeten uns auf Ihre Link-Seite aufzunehmen und/oder unsere Webadresse über Ihrem Mailverteiler an Interessenten weiter leiten. Vielen Dank www.japan-geschenke.de
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