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Frankfurt Experimental Music

Just now

(04.2009) Tobias Schmitt has founded a new platform for experimental music: Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie.

There will be concerts and seminars.

Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik quit Frequenzen at Dresdner Bank Raum für Kultur. They will continue concerts and lectures with Mind the Gap at Haus am Dom. See FGNM.

Kouhei Matsunaga at Atelierfrankfurt

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    Other sources

    • FGNM
      Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, serious new music.
    • Grünrekorder
      Platform for audio art. Fieldrecordings. Soundscapes. Poetry.
    • RadioX
      The local community radio (on air FM 91,8 MHz) featuring the broadest range between cheap gameshows, experimental music performances and the sometimes excellent DJ-Night.
    • Noize-Concept
      Ezine with an extensive overview of contemporary noise music with emphasis on Frankfurt. For links of this genre check here.

    Your dates

    23.08. 2012 -- 21:00

    AcousMain - Gli Italiani

    Hohenstaufenstr. 13-27, 60327 Frankfurt

    20.08. 2012 -- 20:00

    Kaiserpassage - Musik

    Kaiser Passage 10, 60329 Frankfurt

    10.08. 2012 -- 21:00

    Klirrbar im Waggon 2012.8

    Mainufer, Schlossstrasse, Offenbach

    21.07. 2012 -- 20:00

    Phonophon - US AT und D

    Schmickstrasse 18, 60314 Frankfurt

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    Your turn

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    Infos and Directions



    Thinner.cc Netlabel for ambient, downbeat, dub and the like. All free! Selektion Frankfurt label for experimental electronic and noise music Whatness On the borderline between audio and visual arts. Presented by Surface agency. Gyration Originally based in Frankurt, now in Berlin. Prestigious Drum'n Bass label. We miss you! Force Inc / Mille Plateaux / Position Chrome. One of the strongholds of electronic (dance) music. --- Went bankrupt after crash of EFA. EFA Major distributor for all kinds of music. (Got bust) Neuton Distributor specialized in dance music.


    Marc Behrens Versatile sound and multimedia artist Christoph Reimann aka Transporter Exploring the borderline towards "serious" new music. Left for Berlin in 2003. Tobias Schmitt Sounddesigner and laptop-artist Gregor Knüppel Noise designer. Works also as 'Schweiz'. Augst & Beck 10+ years of experimental speech radio projects.

    Laptop Music

    multi.trudi contest for laptop music The best of local laptop artists. With mp3 and video data.


    Freundschaft Hardcore industrial-noise band from Frankfurt. Rabenhirn Harsh noise. Heavy heftig krass. Crashed speakers and ears at concerts. Schweiz soft noise, easy listening noise. Play songs.


    You'll probably end up buying records from your homecountry from labels and artists you've never heard about; and our music is sold to your place. That's what globalisation is like. For Frankfurt record shops see "Less Cool Places" [outside of Frankfurt other German "achievements"]:.....Berlin: Hardwax.....Cologne: A-Musik


    RobertJohnsonUnityO25SpacePlaceU60311KingKamehamehaLofthouse - a sad story. See "Less Cool Places"


    Testcard Experimental and electronic music from Mainz (60km away from Frankfurt) + Groove "for free" dance music magazine.+ Spex Since over 20 years maybe THE german music magazine.+ De:bug A serious Berlin newcomer featuring mainly electronic music and resultung ideology.+ Tendance Just another "for free" dance music magazine + Loop [same as above] + Intro [same as above] + ejay Online music community

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