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Japan & Tokyo Links

Here are some addresses compiled as a result from eight journeys to Japan.
It's quite a number, and more are coming, so I've decided to give it its own page.

Fresh Japan Links

General Information Japan

Tokyo general information

  • Captain Japan
    A diary featuring personal insights into Toyko life.
  • Mid-Tokyo Maps
    A really delicate site exploring the central wards of Tokyo. Wonderful maps included.
  • Realtokyo
    This webzine comes to no surprise. Nearly complete.
  • Metropolis
    Distributed as a free print version here's the online survey.
  • Timeout Tokyo
    The Toyko Branch of the well-known London magazine
  • Pandemic Tokyo
    The "basics" from "Planet Tokyo": eat, sleep, see!
  • Nokia Japan Tokyo Page
    Under the label "TokyoQ" a very comprehensive guide to nearly everything.
  • Tokyo Subways
    8 lines, 177 km, 2500 cars, 5.6 mio passengers a day!
  • Tokyo Leisure Page
    Very useful informations about going out in Tokyo. Restaurants, Pubs, Record-Stores. See also Tokyo Food Page
  • Paperlantern
    Some useful hints on accomodation, sightseeing, internet access and others
  • ...
  • Tokyo Toilet Map
    Some hints on a very delicate subject. Prefer clean or dirty?
  • Tokyo Sento Map
    If you got dirty you might want to take a bath? But where and how? ("Sento" is public bath)
  • Tokyo Sento Organisation
    Public baths in Tokyo
  • Tokyo Damage Report
    For everything which went wrong...
  • Outrageous Tokyo
    This link seems to be outdated, though featured on a lot of websites. It was a gay magazine with good survey on clubs and bars. Maybe it appears again?!
  • Tokyo Pink Guide
    Looking for a blowjob in Harajuku? This site may help. Adults only!!
    80s style cultural center, in Aoyama
  • Superfuture Tokyo Map
    Your guide to the hot shopping districts, like Aoyama...
  • Made in Tokyo
    Foto blog by Frederic Gautron (in French)
  • Tokyo Art Beat
    Events and news from the official arts
  • ...

Tokyo alternative art

Tokyo big art

Tokyo and Japan weblogs

Tokyo music, nightlife, clubscene

Multimedia, Design

Media + Internet

Music, Sounds, Noise


  • esake
    Sake delivery service, for Japan only. But good information on sake.
  • Sake World
    Magazine edited by sake fetishist John Gauntner.
  • Simply Sake
    All about Sake
  • ...

Sento & Onsen



Japan in Frankfurt & Germany


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