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Thing Frankfurt :: wir verbessern die Qualität von Links und Einträgen

Link Quality Vers. 0.1

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Link Quality - what does it mean?Das Zeichen für Link Qualität, eine neue Massnahme von The Thing Frankfurt
All our information is free, and it shoud stay like this. We're not going to introduce limiting member schemes nor fees charged for our service. Because we believe in Open Source and the free flow of information in the internet.

To strengthen our position and the quality of the information through entries and links we will introduce a new rating scheme step by step.

Rating scheme means: we will feed more and detailed information on the link or entry we published. This will give you more precise knowledge about what to expect from link or entry. Search engines are fine, but they are still limited concerning the evaluation of their resources. A small site like The Thing can easily provide better rating through manual procedures.

This is the beginning. But in the future you will see: higher ratings mean more precise information for you.
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Link Quality - how?
Discuss with us, how link rating can be achieved.

Our idea is to introduce a dual scale: on one side the relevance of a link or entry for The Thing. On the other hand the quality of feedback the link gives to The Thing. The latter will show a relative distance to ideas and practices of The Thing. It describes the neighbourhood - or more technically the mutuallity - in a way. Links, persons, project, websites who acknowledge the work of The Thing will receive a higher ranking on the scale. It's not necessarily bad quality, it just gives an idea on how near or far the link is to The Thing.

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