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Frankfurt Art
The Thing Walking Courses Erkundungsgänge in der Stadt

Walking course III

  1. Euro City Walk
  2. Güterbahnhof
  3. Signalements


Cornelia Heiers walking course

The area: the city center, old town, main shopping district.


  Visitors and posters

At the starting point, Bleichstr. Having a look at the
pictures displayed.

Signalements poster

The poster announcing the "signalements".

Visitors on the move

On the move. Visitors prepare to change for the
location, Zeil.

Two wanted faces

Two of the displayed posters, showing faces and a phone number.

On the Zeil

On the Zeil shopping street. Posters applied on the fence of a construction site.

Zeil bypassers

Bypassers don't seem to notice the art works.

lecture by Cornelia

People gather around Cornelia to hear from her an explanaition of the site.

lecture by Cornelia

Cornelia, a little bit elevated, lectures on her work.

lecture by Cornelia

Cornelia not only wants to address public space but media space as well.

Installation site near Hauptwache

The third location near Hauptwache (in background).

Construction site

Another of the many construction sites having
replaced older structures to build new shopping malls. Frankfurt is still underdevelopped in this respect.

Visitors and posters

Visitors closely inspect the posters trying to find resemblances of friends or acquaintances.

More from Cornelia Heier

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